Bobcat Trail

Regardless of age, as a new scout all boys must first achieve their Bobcat rank before working toward any badges. The Bobcat Trail teaches a new Scout the basics of Cub Scouting. The eight components of the Bobcat Trail are listed below.

Bobcat Requirements

  1. Learn and say the Cub Scout Promise and complete the Honesty Character Connection.
  2. Say the Law of the Pack. Tell what it means.
  3. Tell what Webelos means.
  4. Show the Cub Scout Sign. Tell what it means
  5. Show the Cub Scout Handshake. Tell what it means.
  6. Say the Cub Scout Motto.
  7. Give the Cub Scout Salute. Tell what it means.
  8. With your parent or guardian, review the How to Protect Your Child from Child Abuse section in your handbook.

On the advancement trail, a Cub Scout progresses from rank to rank, learning new skills as he goes. Each of the ranks and awards in Cub Scouting has its own requirements. As you advance through the ranks, the requirements get more challenging, to match the new skills and abilities you learn as you get older.


Pack 7 Cub Scouts, New Canaan, CT